arm1 [ arm ] noun count ***
1. ) one of the two long parts of your body with your hands at the end:
I put my arm around his shoulders.
in someone's arms: She was holding the baby in her arms.
under someone's arm (=between the arm and the side of the body): Jim was carrying a package under his arm.
into someone's arms: The children threw themselves into their grandmother's arms.
fold/cross your arms (=put one arm on top of the other): She folded her arms across her chest.
take someone in your arms: He took her in his arms and kissed her.
2. ) the part of a chair that you rest your arm on when you are sitting in it
a ) the part of a piece of clothing that your arm fits into
3. ) a long thin part of an object that sticks out from the main part:
The crane's huge metal arm lifted the load into the air.
a ) a long narrow area of land or water
4. ) a part of an organization that deals with a particular subject or activity:
the retailing arm of the business
an arm of the Justice Department
an arm and a leg MAINLY SPOKEN
if something costs an arm and a leg, it is very expensive
arm in arm
if two people are arm in arm, they are next to each other, with the left arm of one of them bent around the right arm of the other person:
The lovers strolled arm in arm by the river.
at arm's length
1. ) held away from your body with your arm stretched out straight:
He held the sword in front of him at arm's length.
2. ) in a situation where you avoid dealing with or becoming involved with someone else:
keep/put someone at arm's length: Sheryl's unfriendly manner kept most people at arm's length.
arm 2 [ arm ] verb transitive **
1. ) to provide yourself or other people with weapons:
arm someone with something: They quickly armed themselves with sticks.
No government should be arming terrorists.
2. ) to provide yourself or other people with useful or impressive equipment, information, etc.:
arm someone with something: I'll need to arm myself with all the facts before meeting them formally.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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